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Although both men and women are emotional beings, women report feeling negative emotions more often than men, including anxiety and sadness, and to a more intense degree, according to a Florida State University study that looked at gender and emotion.

This study also found that women express their feelings more readily than men and are more likely to talk about their feelings, specifically angry ones, with others.

Most of the day, my office door was closed, but I always opened it around 4 and people would stop by for candy and a chat. Flight attendant Betty from California, author of Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase, spent a plane ride with two coworkers who went way too far.

Except for one coworker, who would knock on my door all day long. "It's common for flight attendants to take empty passenger seats, but obviously customers get first dibs," says Betty.

That’s not to say women who date within the office always keep separate their personal and professional lives.