things to know about dating an englishman - 12 new rules for dating

Did you light a cigarette to calm your nerves before the date? And after the meal, always excuse yourself to the restroom to pop in a breathmint or do it discreetly while you’re at the table.If you’re lucky enough to kiss on a first date, you don’t want to smell like a restaurant’s kitchen when you get closer to your date.Sometimes, you may end up meeting a great friend or even a potential business contact through a failed date.

On the other hand, compliment your date about something only if you genuinely feel it.

A fake half compliment can seem more insulting and embarrassing to your date.

It’s also your way of letting your date know that you respect them.

On a successful date, a man has to be the chivalrous knight, and a woman has to be the elegant damsel in distress, because that’s just the way both sexes expect their dates to be.

Avoid having more than a glass or two along with your dinner.

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