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If you can focus on the content of his words, these four negatives are simply a mild distraction in the grand scheme of things… If You Know The Principles, You Know The Game – David has a way of making you feel confident after each program. He Provides Several Ways You Can Take ACTION – Concepts and lines are fine, but .Finally, let's get to the reasons you should probably check this program out ( let alone 3.5 hours. It's almost like having a personal “wing man” with you at all times to apply the lessons. I changed my thinking, went out to bars and other places and had all kinds of success in my 20's. In conclusion, David Deangelo 77 Laws is the catalyst program that moves you from theory and “inner game” to taking action.

Name: 77 Laws () Type: Video Series Teacher: David Deangelo Company: Double Your Dating With 77 Laws, concepts set the stage for techniques.

It is done in a “rapid fire” style execution, where these “tough love” concepts initially are meant to when I realized I had been doing the opposite with women all along… I saw David as the person to help me pick up the pieces and then rebuild myself into a strong, confident man who now gets it. It pretty much touches on a little bit of everything when it comes to women and dating.

David Deangelo 77 Law is more of a *road map* that points in the direction at more of those nuanced details you may be seeking. The problem is the format and pace of this program does not allow for too many details. I mention this in just about every review I've done on his programs.

He always manages to slip in some awful jokes that miss the mark.

I have been following and buying David Deangelo products since about 2001.