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Got a friend request from a handsome man on Instagram. I’ve asked him what hospital she’s in but for some reason he isn’t telling me.

I asked how he knew me and he said, "I don’t but I saw your profile and my heart told me to contact you". He said he was born in Brazil but grew up in Miami and Houston. She is supposedly in Atlanta Georgia going to school there and since he is refusing to give me the name of the hospital I decided to call about 4 to 5 hospitals and ask if they have a Patient by the name of Laura Brooks they all said no and I still have more to call.

I asked today for another photo of him as I'm curios now what he will be sending, if any. Hello, I want to make a remark on contacting accounts that obviously have no connection to what you are doing on your own Instagram account.

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He contacted me via Linked In and I think he is trying to scam me. He sounded real at first, but now I started doubting because of too beautiful writing. Found him on The photo was cute, unconventional, but can't believe it is another scam.

Unfortunately, I gave him my personal email - hopefully nothing much will come of it.

But he lived in Yemen now treating the wounded soldiers. So I told him I scan the internet looking for people who try to scam money from innocent people. And his response was..bastard..course I’m going to delete you. His name is Harry Brooks has anyone heard of him by chance?? I have pictures of him and his supposedly daughter.

The scary thing is if you google Wilson Walker there is a Dr in TN who is an orthopedic surgeon. Also does anyone know how to do google image search?? I want to catch him in a lie and try to let her know that he is using her picture if I can find her FB or IG page.

He has not yet asked for anything but information though I regret sending him any photos in return. Actually, the workplace of John Power, Aer Lingus of Ireland, had been involved in human trafficking for ages.