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Prepare to do most of the talking and make an effort to make her feel at ease. I genuinely believe that online dating is your best bet in Nordic countries.

It is a no-judgement dating scene where people would be looking for casual hook-ups and long-term relationships on the very same site. They all speak great English but communicating in a second language also comes with a certain barrier.

A couple of dates into your fling, you might be thinking “Where is this going?

Swedish women tend to be a lot more left wing than the typical US girl, and they know and care a lot more about politics, too. And yes, sometimes they lack a sense of humor in this respect. On the plus side, your Swedish date’s strong belief in gender equality means you don’t have to pay on the first date.

Whether you enjoy debating or not, consider all of these Swedish women characteristics during your date. Regardless of what your opinion is, try to remain tolerant and impartial, or else your date might turn into a heated argument. She would not be expecting any extravagant gestures either.

If you are looking for the best premium dating site in Scandinavia, check out our reviews and take your pick. Because, yes, this is one of the most distinct aspects of Swedish dating culture: In some countries, women just don’t know how to say no. The usual playing hard to get BS is simply non-existent here. While any girl would be flattered by the full wining and dining experience, it is simply too much for a first date. Websites like Culture Trip or even looking through the suggestions on Google Maps are your best friend in this. You could do a more interesting, non-traditional date, too.

They would go out with people they don’t have the slightest interest in…just because they asked. If you talked about a specific interest both of you had, why not make that your first date?

Swedish women are notorious for taking things very slow when it comes to relationships.