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Although, of course, men’s tennis is still many times more popular..And Yuna is also donating a lot of money to charity at the same time.Honestly, if a figure skating star with the popularity of Yuna had appeared in America, she would have received as much as ₩100 billion (USD .7 million) in sponsorship money. When I listen to American media or sports commentators talk about Yuna, I know that they are wishing that she could have been an American.

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Two small homes, some logs, a shed and aome lumber were exerting such pressure that authorities feared the bridge would break. long-term solution to this knotty problem of recurrent waves of viohave Its first meeting Sat- The committee la headed by Norman Mac Kenxle, president of tonight. May city official hi k L.— A high said tonight the dike* Both he and W. Hurst, engineer, watch Winnipeg suburbs and under from the cresting but still protecting utilities — In three area* could not be restc i Wedne..- 17 day An estimated 10,000 c*m. Befuddled householders, preps: tlic evening meal, were forced, until many The explosion ripped apart a compreaaor adjoining n gas storage tank at Clark and Second. dike In Winnipeg's north end had A 24 -hour patrol of all the sand- slipped eight Inches in a day. His main job would be some permanent Coast Guard planes will continue tomorrow a search begun In vain • wa Tenner A On Altunin build-up Meanwhile, said Mr. the committee charged with the aouthwest of Cape VANCOUVER. Wi Miier said the Government would be forced to continue providing additional facilities at Oakatla Jail, because the Dominion had not given authority for use of former -The Coast Guard reported heariug two u u farther endar.' Yesterday In Nelson, thirty -six Smu of Freedom Doukhobora were sentenced to three years In prison for ^^ Job At 5 pm. general Sanger, manager rinser of City Hydro, said Manitoba gumbo In the dikes L* acting as a lubricant and causing the sandbags to slide. Vermilion Con* Ravalli' A Chcm Drtu Nai'B Ra..d Mjrla'iie Bill-bear Parlfle Petrolyiim Prlne*»» Polar la Oil Montreal . accunt for cent* of the United States heavy turnover. Gains and tlons, Trading expanded in Lhe alterwhen demand wax moat brink, and sales volume expanded to 1.730.000 aharea from 1.230,000 yes Monday's buslnem was a terday Pres- tin Quemwit 1 nooo, Vancouver — aham K-Oordon Go* wt 8'e*l ...

task of working out The first signal, about noon, came The aecoud, about 5 pm., blind placed the location about 130 miles lence, will urday. Explosion sends debris from blasted home flying through the air as flood relief workers try to relieve pressure on Winnipeg * Elm Park Bridge. the All-Day Patrol Ordered As Dikes Appear Weaker WINNIPEG. Company Spokesmen us Red River are sandbags at the Glen wood Crescent slmwlng signs of weakening. wti i rearmament d The Supreme approved— the Defem be an Anurrl- charge of the economic and military of the Vi A*t*ntic-Pact countries. or Supreme Chief The sentences brought the total to 97 alxiee April 28 Mr. ’ Na Hnna Nell "tin Traeuoo Pfd Oil Walcora Yo'Da*ld*oo Canadian Royal 8 lloeierv Pin* 'A »• a Steel Car Kall Talaphun' Ben ram A Bone " Rail A. OU Peiroleum n»aii» Moore Coro Acadia- Atlantic Acadia- Atlantic Alaoma Nk UCn M last f 0 r the industry, Newsprint now constitutes 50 per Canada’* pulp-and-puper crnt of dtt! 3 526 00U OU came In-' gjyjfcpsnian 1 Leading lmiuaiml atodm tended Main-*Sfl A'l»»T! new • r»p»nse V»fi»not ui-.a— OU „j rf Ct ion be swinging in a Penny pruajx-ct* traded •“««« most of the pulp-and-paper pnd Mta l*.

, la that— If the plan u will it grcaici expeefee special craft. OOO -cubic feet capacity storage house, blew up with a li ir,g roar Tlir blast was heard blocks around the Grandview r dentlal and business area | upply. Booth Hasting* j one of the compressors In Is repaired aomet tod*). t American/; feel * neoejsary under one du nude parading. plane or a vessel Coast Guard officials sold the calls were heard over a frequency generally used by air. Russia dr**: an sway from ihe West through AMERIC AN HI. down Papers, 455.76, up » —— Trend* were trading near the i day.

a 0 f t 1 COLONIST TELEPHONES AH Department* AFTER Btt U AM. Regarding the civilian chief* establish Editorial company company •'mode It June last IT PLAIN Johnson said he to plain we since the la bring to Re junl Tanks election were going everything we could ha* aluminum company here " He aaid the company will BELGRADE, May 16 DJ'». Cil-AIN Lumber Bnn P ib.Weetmiratrr Perwr Weatmin.i'r Paper Parmer itineao itlneau • NO 7 1 W. • — Bridle R H I Tam SIv N I romntlve n Pacific Railway iu - environment uncongenial. Issue To Mature June HAGAR INVESTMENTS LTD IMir«TRIAL* Chew .

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