Ariana grande dating

Grande has also been known to get together with her male backup dancers, which isn’t all that surprising considering they probably spend a great deal of downtime together between shooting music videos and going on tour.

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cast members and Ariana's friends all dressed as students talking about Ariana. For those of you confused, no Ariana is not dating a girl named Aubrey.

And the part which fans are obsessing over is when Troye says: "I heard she's a lesbian now and dating some chick named Aubrey". When 'thank u, next' came out people misheard one of the lyrics.

Ariana sings: "I know they say I move on too fast // But this one gon' last // ' Cause her name is Ari" but some listeners thought that she sang Aubrey and that it was a confession that she is a lesbian.

With that in mind, Troye's 'thank u, next' comment is not an actual revelation but just a hilarious joke put in as a reference to the Aubrey rumours.

The rumours were so big that they ended up turning into a meme and Ariana even addressed them on Twitter.