Azdg dating 24 in bg

I trying to make sense of this all, but when it comes down to it I really cant.

If so, maybe she is using sex as a way to get you to behave the way she wants you to behave (i. the next time you are bothered by something she does, you wont bring it up because then you wouldnt get sex). A 2 year boyfriend and girlfriend relationship at that.

However, I was able to look back and find out it was way more then that.

theyll ask their boyfriends to seize sexual relations, jsut to see what the boy friend will say. Well then if you need sex, and thats whats important she thinks youre just like every other guy. I think that would be equal punishment to myself and could not use sex as a weapon, I however Italian and we are wired a bit different. A lot of girls want boyfriends, they want a man they love, who loves them back? Like if he cheated or something, I think its silly truly. Yeah, look how that turned out and just how untrue that was.

the only thing 2nd worse to a cheater, is a guy whos using u for sex. However, she did swear up and down that there was not a relationship between them.

its like telling your dog he cant go out in the backyard and play.