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"Michael [Galeotti, her husband at the time] and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our beautiful girl, Maria," Lenz wrote on her former blog.ended, Lenz fully leaned into the joy (no pun intended) of being a mom.The one thing that made Nathan and Haley so great were that they were so believable, and every moment shared seemed incredibly real, which of course was thanks to great acting by James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz.

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That is, it isn't hidden — fans couldn't get enough of her voice when her character Haley decided to pursue a singing career on . Always singing, always writing songs, I've been lucky enough to record several albums, several EPs, and I had the extreme fortune of joining Gavin De Graw, Michelle Branch and Tyler Hilton on a 21 city concert tour while I was on (part of the Nasty Habits web series).

And, in happy news, the multi-tasking actress still finds time for her music. Lenz then spoke about the experience on Twitter, thanking Nasty Habits writer-director Christina de Leon for "hiring women like me to direct and helping to keep creativity an open forum." It isn't the first time, and surely not the last, that Lenz has made the salient correlation between female creatives and substantial material.

Following their breakup in 2009, the ex-couple remained on a friendly term.

Actress Shantel Van Santen, who portrayed Quinn James in One Tree Hill, became the next love interest of James. Rumor has it that James was in a relationship with actress Eve Hewson at the same time when he was dating Van Santen. Later in 2010, James and Eve started making public appearances but the actual date when the relationship started and ended is still quite confusing as some sources claim that they broke up in 2012 and other say it was in 2015. The lady killer has chosen to keep his relationship status a secret following four public break-ups.

, but one thing that stayed the same was the fans’ love for Nathan Scott and Haley James.