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In the wake of the Bradley's firing, Swan received another harassing call from George Eckmalian, a sergeant in the Army National Guard.Eckmalian, calling from an American Legion Post, said he spoke for the 'White Aryan Race' Deeming it the "House of Hate," the Boston Globe did an exposé on the Springfield Police Department stating that "its menacing tone has resonated with people of all races." In the front-page article, featuring Swan pictured at his church and detailing the racist telephone calls to Swan by Officer Bradley and Eckmalian, Swan contends that swift action in response the calls he received were only due to his high profile and the media response.Talbert Wesley Swan II (born April 24, 1965) is an American prelate of the Church Of God In Christ serving as the Bishop of the Nova Scotia Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, in Canada.

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During that time he served as: Special Assistant to the General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary for Statistics, and currently as the Assistant General Secretary/Administration.

On April 3, 2014, Swan was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of the Greater Massachusetts Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction by Charles Edward Blake, Sr., Presiding bishop, and the General Board of the Church Of God In Christ.

He is a civil rights activist and the president of the Greater Springfield NAACP.

Criticized by some as a "rabble rouser" or "race baiter," Valley Advocate journalist Maureen Turner wrote, "If Springfield has moved one inch towards rectifying its racial problems in the past year, it is fair to say a full three quarters of that inch is the result of sustained efforts by the Rev.

Citing the reluctance of those in leadership to condemn Asher's actions because of Parker's prior criminal history, Swan condemned the silence of elected officials and clergy.

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