Blizzard updating tools stuck council tax benefit backdating regulations

Restarting (and even the computer), trying to kill the process or every process related to doesn't get rid of this issue on my system.I've been running into this issue quite frequently in the past few months.I think somethings wrong with it but I really do not have any idea how to fix it.

The first issue, and the most frequent one for me, is the Blizzard App Launcher ( displaying a message that says "Blizzard agent went to sleep.

Attempting to wake it up", with the BLZBNTBNA00000005 error code.

For those among you who have time, patience, and indomitable will... My problem is that I cannot install Starcraft 2 or the App.

When I run the setup application, a small blue rectangular window appears saying "Starting .." and progresses to "Updating Agent..." when the load bar gets to about 45% and stops.

The second issue occurs when a game has an update (it might be combined with having an update in the same time and updating first, but I'm not sure).