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Series 3 featured Brainiac Golf (similar to Brainiac Snooker, but exploding caravans filled with different substances that exploded with coloured flames depending on the chemicals used), Lad v.Lass, Thermite, "Does being electrocuted affect your ability at work? Kilcoyne, Associate Dean of the University of Sunderland had a regular slot where he mixed various chemicals to see whether they "fizz" or "bang".On 28 July 2008 Sky cancelled the show saying it had been taken as far as it could go.

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The original presenters were Richard Hammond and Jon Tickle, who were joined in the second series by Charlotte Hudson.

Hammond and the original production team left after the fourth season, and was replaced by Vic Reeves and Hudson left after the fifth, and was replaced by Thaila Zucchi.

" in which she tests the hardness of different objects using thermite and a ton of bricks dropped from a crane, and "Shocking Acts" in which she finds out whether variety acts can still perform while receiving electric shocks.

Other new segments included "Gas Bang Wallop" featuring a character called Barry Bernard who destroys things with gas, "Chemistry Deathmatch" in which regular characters Dr Bunhead and Professor John Kilcoyne go head-to-head to produce the best experiments, "Custard Dreams" which follows the adventures of a Brainiac who discovers he can walk on custard, and "Stars in Their Caravans" which sees a variety of UK celebrities trapped in caravans, in a mock game show which results in large explosions The experiment aimed to illustrate periodic trends in the alkali metal series.

It showed the violent reactions of metallic sodium and potassium with water, in which the hydrogen produced subsequent explosions, and intended to demonstrate the even greater reactivity of rubidium and caesium by dropping them into a water-filled bathtub.