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Modeling, sponsorship deals, plenty of cash, love, and adulation came her way, and Maria was able to handle everything brilliantly.

She took it all in stride, balancing all of them while basking in the limelight.

The highs in her career are aplenty, but there has been some stuff as well that she would have wanted to banish from everyone’s memories; incidents that she would not want people to see, let alone see herself because of the memories that would come flooding back.

These are 15 pictures depicting such moments, photos that tennis’s sweetheart and golden girl does not want you to see. Guys can just slap on a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and they are good to go.

But when it comes to posing for the camera, appearing in pictures with others who are smaller than her – especially if that someone else is former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather – looking like Goliath in a pic is not something she might find flattering.