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Releasing painful emotions will eventually help you realize why you’re much better off without your ex.2.

Don’t Blame Yourself Breaking up is hard enough when your self-esteem and confidence is diminished.

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Giving yourself time to heal from all of the mental and emotional pain is always great advice, but there are ways you can speed up the process and take back control over your health and wellness while developing an inner strength you have never had before.1.

Write In Your Journal Or Talk It Out Avoiding painful emotions will only cause more damage, in the long run, so facing your feelings immediately after a breakup is the quickest and most effective way to move past them.

Stay Busy With Activities You Love​It can be difficult to be motivated about things you love after a bad breakup but getting yourself back out there and doing them anyway will reinforce positive emotions and get you back on track to loving yourself.

Caring for yourself and doing things you love is essential in healing post-split.

Get your head right and focusing on your body can be a secure anchor point in recovering from a breakup.