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Nevertheless, Jews in that time settled almost exclusively in the commercial city of Trieste and, to a much smaller extent, in the town of Gorizia (now both part of Italy).

The decree was overturned in 1817 by Francis I, and Jews were granted full civil and political right only with the Austrian constitution of 1867.

According to the 1931 census, there were about 900 Jews in the Drava Banovina, mostly concentrated in Prekmurje, which was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary prior to 1919.

This was the reason why in the mid-1930s Murska Sobota became the seat of the Jewish Community of Slovenia.

The Estates of the single provinces (Carniola, Styria and Carinthia) began expelling their Jews already around the turn of the 16th century, and the last Jews were expelled by 1718.