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When dating, it is important to take this into consideration and remember that certain subjects should be avoided and there are social expectations when dating in Hong Kong that may differ from those in the west.

Whilst Hong Kong’s residents enjoy a modern outlook on life, there is some element of tradition which endures in the dating scene.

Women want a man who is respectful, caring and loving but who can make decisions and look after his partner.

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The city epitomizes the ‘rat-race’ and its residents are low on the resources needed to make dating work; time and energy.

Another factor is the attitude of residents on striving for perfection.

The key is to strike a balance in navigating a patriarchal society that selectively embraces feminism.

Cross cultural dating in Hong Kong is an accepted part of life in a recently ex-colonialist region and you can find many mixed marriages between westerners and locals.

In this guide, we take a look at the dating scene in Hong Kong, what to expect from this urban metropolis and why dating in Hong Kong is considered an ‘extreme sport’.