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The thing is, usualy the one to freak out is the INTJ, and the ENFP (in my case at least) got dragged.

Then eventually the INTJ begin to behave all the oposite to everything that she showed to you before. : D But i know that ENFPs just learn by experience, so good luck with that!

The solution seems to be the following according to her: As an ENFP always say for the record what is going on emotionally in that situation in a step by step analysis: 1) "I feel that there is a strong attraction between us. I am really happy to always give you that space as much as you need it. Putting the puppy-energy-excitable intuitions of the never-sit-still ENFP into step-by-step clarity for the INTJ sure lends itself to some enjoyable verbal irony! having been burned so many times now this enfp is going to look for greener/more nurturing pastures in more NFs As an INTJ myself, I find that I usually put forward a number of "faces".

However right now there is this strong sexual tension between us. None of them are not me, they just are sides of me required for the task or interaction ahead.

Its like someone explicitly say " I will never open that door, just relax" then after 5 minutes went there and open the door while looking at your face.