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If I change rows in a datagridview, the value is set back to 0. My Property = Nothing Now I can set the nullable property to "Nothing" and it works as expected.So, I added an On Validate event like this: if String. My question is - Is this the normal procedure to set a nullable value or am I missing some shortcut where I don't have to add the On Validate event?For sorting any custom type the class must implement the System. Now let me assume you have a Person class and if you want to sort the list of person objects then you must implement System.

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So, the Get Item Properties(…) method can be overridden to return a custom collection of properties that will be used for data-binding.

Let us take for example, the ‘Distance’ class given below.

Net Framework, creating shaped windows was a time-consuming process that involved Win API calls.

Not anymore – one of the modern aspects of WPF is that you can make non-rectangular windows in simple way.

Equals(value) then _My Prop = Value Notify Property Changed("My Prop") ' marks the property changed end if end set I can read from my database with no problem for both My Prop's with or without a value.