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We judge, praise, scorn and vilify various types of mothers based on our own perception of what motherhood should be. A slightly different version of this article was published in the Tobago Newsday a few days ago. As human beings, this occurs as well, except not with birds but with other facets of our lives. This morning at quarter to three, my alarm sounded, jolting me awake and galvanizing my cat into action to prevent me from leaving the bed.

Sure enough, some of the images within this post are bound to conjure familiar feelings - especially with the primates - but what really is motherhood? Given that everything in nature can be scaled both up and down infinitely, let's look at the general process involved in bringing the next generation into the world - albeit in a grossly simplified manner. So much so that a saying has been coined to counteract this very phenomenon: “one man’s trash is another’s treasure” Why then has it become such second nature to take things for granted? After eventually winning that battle with the large, soft, warm and fluffy creature, we made ourselves ready for our first birding mission within T&T since returning from Kenya.

It had been some months since we were out birding, and we were suitably excited.

Fast forward a few hours later, and before the clock hit six o clock, we were traversing the rugged eastern coastline of Trinidad, heading into the village of Kernaham, hoping to score a couple special... Within the past few days I've been struck with the realization that I'm *gasp* getting some identifications wrong, some of which are supposed to be routine for me, after a decade of birding in T&T, after having compiled and written extensive material on the birds that can be found within these two islands (including offshore islets) - and I believe I've figured out what went wrong.

Our trip to the African continent was filled with stories and tall tales on a majestic scale, addictive adventures that only this ancient land can provide.