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And setting the example is what you should be doing.

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Your goals should be to make her feel valued and to make a connection with her. It sounds like a lot of fun.” If she shares a story about an experience she has had, give your opinion of it in a positive way and/or share a similar experience of your own.

Actively listen to her and not worry about what you are going to say next. For example, if she says, “I’m really excited about going to XYZ” say something like, “You sound really excited about that!

If you’re busy, ask if you can call them back, or set up a call when you know you’ll be in a quiet space and can really dedicate yourself to the conversation.

The longer you wait to meet in person, the longer you’re putting off seeing if the chemistry is there.

Similar to messaging, you don’t want to send a text that’s as long as a Tolstoy novel. You’re giving them a lot of information to take in (which means it may take them a while to respond), and it could kill the mood and prevent any kind of cute banter from getting started. There isn’t a strict timeline here, but a Business Insider article says no longer than one to three hours.