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However, it does have an in-app mode cleverly titled ‘spark,’ that allows you to swipe left or right.

Still, this is a common denominator in essentially any successful dating app.

Especially, if you’re a hardcore lover of the green that won’t settle for anybody that doesn’t share your views.

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So, you’re going to have to sign up for both if you want to use it on different platforms.

It’s actually a bit surprising that they haven’t updated the backend seven years after its initial release.

The app, which was created back in 2011, boats a bit of a dated interface, and some of the logistics of the app also feel a bit prehistoric.

For example, the site’s mobile and desktop sites remain two separate entities.

The site basically runs like a tinder or a bumble, where you simply swipe to get matches. The app is linked through your Facebook, so when you set up your profile, you’ll already have your Facebook profile picture as your primary profile photo.