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See the Karpinski guides and shelf lists in the map reading room.M5and the Paul Carles research collection of the history of the French marine, which includes hundreds of early prints and manuscript tracings of maps not cataloged, but see partial checklist shelved as Map Ref folio Z Ayer Collection documents the discovery and exploration of the Americas.

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In Baku the first ever well drilled with percussion tools to a depth of 21 meters for oil exploration, in Ludvig Nobel and his Branobel company revolutionized oil transport by commissioning the first oil tanker and launching it on the Caspian Sea.

Newberry Library — The Newberry Library is an independent research library, specializing in the humanities and located in Chicago, Illinois, that has been free and open to the public since Its collections encompass a variety of related to the history and cultural production of Western Europe.

The Karpinski, Hulbert, and Ayer photostat collections include 1, reproductions of manuscript maps of the world and the Americas.

Originally compiled between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, the originals are held by archives in Paris, London, Madrid, Seville, and Lisbon.

Over manuscript maps and 2, manuscript map reproductions are described in the NLCC.