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The original KlusonĀ® Manufacturing Company was founded in 1925 and expanded from a small machine shop by building its reputation as the music industrys premier supplier of tuning machines, tailpieces, brackets, bushings, and other stringed instrument parts during the golden age of guitar manufacturing from the 1940s through the 1960s.

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If you have a standard looking Kay archtop guitar, chances are the top was pressed and it is almost guaranteed with laminated tops.

Kay necks were 'guaranteed' against warping by the inclusion of steel rods (some adjustable) in the neck.

The gear housing was octagonal in shape, as was the tuner shaft itself.

The insert was brushed aluminum, and generally non-logoed, although examples exist with both "G" and "Gotoh" on them.

Frequently these instruments were bought by companies like retail stores who were looking to sell their "own" brand of guitars and so Kay guitars are seen with a variety of names from Airline to Marathon to Windsor!

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