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If done right you can grab it just under it’s ears, and it’ll just hang from them.If you miss and it ends up flipping over you can grab it easier if it stays straight, just try to grab it from the middle. Second Date: Sana starts by giving you the Amidst a Dream LP.

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After you head to beef zone, and should pick the following options: She’s my girlfriend.

Choose to help Kim when Sakakiba comes in and starts causing a stir.

Fourth Date: You’ll meet Nanami in the normal spot, respond to her with ” I think you look fabulous”. For a gift any of the items that talk about maturity or mysticism are good, up to you how much you want to spend.

You can then choose where to go before dinner, I opted for Drone Racing again as she’s really into drones. First Date: I opted to go to Shogi first, as Amane outright says that’s what she wants to do.

He’ll realize the error of his ways, and head out into the night. She’ll text you once more to meet up, so respond when you’re ready: Fifth “Date”: This time Sana will actually meet you at your office. First Date: For gifts for Namami, any of the items that specify they’re for mature women or mention something along the line of sophistication. After darts you’ll sit down and chat with them: The date will end and you’ll get a text from Nanami, respond with: Let’s hang out, you and me. You’ll have to wait a bit, then text her back again: Busy as usual? After the conversation, you can choose to either call her a taxi or offer to go to another bar. Nanami will stop while walking though, and the jig is up on your fake investigation from earlier.