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It's not fair that you have to hear those things, but you can at least be kind to yourself and realize that they are entirely reflections of the man's inner world, and not of you. If a guy says something stupid to you, just ignore it and block him.

This will prevent you from hearing more nonsense and it will also starve him of the attention he's trying to get. On average we are far worse at reading signals than women are, so signals that you think are clever and just subtle enough will go totally unnoticed.

Many guys complain about how their girlfriends or wives restrict their freedom, so a guy who isn't in that position is constantly reminded how lucky he is.

Your goal as a partner should not be to hold on to him no matter what. Rules, threats, ultimatums, and bargaining will never keep a good man.

If he's not willing to do that, he's not interested enough in you.