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You may have even said it was “fine.” But then at some point down the road, you got upset.

Maybe you even blew up at an inappropriate time, causing an argument that completely took your significant other off guard. Turnoff #3: Not playing fair From your initial encounter to your first date and beyond, guys pay attention to whether or not you’re playing fair.

Most men will take a lack of conversation as a lack of interest, so work on your gift of the gab. If a man thinks you’re a little too hung up about the bloke who dumped you before him, you’ll be lucky if you get a second bite of that cherry. By all means knock back a few with gusto together if that’s what you both feel like doing, but getting too big a head-start just means the night will probably end early and you’ve blown your chance. Turning up in your paint-spattered dungarees after a morning’s renovations is not showing off your earthy side. Offer to split the bill, or to really show you are an independent woman pick up the tab yourself. What is an absolute 100 percent turn-off is a person who just sits there and expects the man to pay, and doesn’t even offer to contribute.

You might think it’s something we want to hear, that your last lover was a jerk, but all that does is make us imagine you having sex with another man. A girl once threw up in my lap in the back of a cab on a first date. If you agree to go on a date, be sure you are going somewhere you can afford.

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