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However, a few people have asked me since the initial blog if any men their own age have used a sex-workers’ service. So to help break it down, here are the ‘under 30s’ category of ‘why men pay for sex.’ (And before you ask, yes I would also love to hear from women.

But the last time I put my email address on here I received a flurry of emails asking for sex advice from India.

I’m not really interested in seeing Domme sex workers but I do enjoy being with a girl who’s a little submissive. ‘I’ve been using these apps for almost a year and I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me.

‘I have good photos and a good profile and am polite and respectful but even the matches I do get are with women I’m not really that interested in.

I think it really depends on my general state of mind, how much time and also how much money I have. I do a couple of online dating apps but I don’t get many matches and then trying to get dates from those matches is even less likely.

‘It also depends on whether or not I can find a sex worker who I find attractive or provides services that I enjoy.’ ‘I’ve only seen sex workers in person on two occasions. ‘I’m straight and not very kinky so it’s been GFE both times. ‘This can be more expensive and, because of my income, means I can only see sex workers two-three times a year but I feel like it’s a more intimate experience that way. ‘Trying to actually date someone a few times is nearly impossible for me.

‘I have however been looking for a sex worker for quite some time now who is willing to do sexual wrestling or physical submission.