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A limited divorce is also useful to document the date at which the spouses actually separated (started living apart), which is often necessary to obtain an “absolute divorce.” That’s right: you can change a limited divorce into an absolute divorce, but a limited divorce is not necessary in order to get an absolute divorce.An “absolute divorce” is what most people think of when they think of divorce: the marital bonds are terminated and after that, each spouse can go their own way and remarry if they wish.

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In contrast, after two years of separation for any reason, even if one spouse has not agreed to the separation and does not want to end the marriage, the other spouse can still obtain a divorce on the grounds of two years of separation. Remember, even though spouses live in different homes during separation, they are still married until a judge enters a Judgment of Divorce.

This period of separation is necessary in order to eventually obtain a no-fault divorce.

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According to my well regarded divorce attny, if both parties reside in MD, there is a legal requirement of one year of separation before filing for divorce.

If Your spouse's conduct does not warrant your leaving, he or she may be able to sue you for actual desertion.

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