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Using native code to resolve a local user account into a SID 1000 times takes 0.25 seconds.

Using ruby’s WMI code, it takes 33.93 seconds, more than 100 times slower.

WMIs may be put in as either 3 characters representing VIN position 1-3 or 6 characters representing VIN positions 1-3 & 12-14. This provides a list of all the Manufacturers available in v PIC Dataset.

Parameter "Manufacturer Type" allows to filter the list based on manufacturer type (Incomplete Vehicles, Completed Vehicle Manufacturer, Incomplete Vehicle Manufacturer, Intermediate Manufacturer, Final-Stage Manufacturer, Alterer, or any part of it), optional.

All the information on how a VIN is assigned by the manufacturer is captured in this catalog and used to decode a VIN and extract vehicle information.