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[ days sim date/number-days-sim-date.html]( days sim date/number-days-sim-date.html) is a good game with a good story (its only like 25% dating you dont even have to date anyone its mostly story) the game is called Number Days – Dating sim Very neat idea with this thread, I find the Path of Honor on kongregate which is an rpg game has a neat story. Both with a main character types of plot line rising to heroics and adventure. A 'story rich game' does not necessarily mean you have to go back in time 35 DARN TIMES to figure out every ending.No-one Has to Die has that storyline, as does ' Thousand-Dollar Soul' or whatever it was.

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The [dino game](https:// is so simple but it attracts you like anything. You can also play this game nowadays as a flash format.

Another site with some good flash games with stories is called [dating sims]( but you have to sort through a lot that don't have a good story tbh.

this is not the case a good dating site name with storm lover kai!!

this collection of dating sims games will test your skills when it comes to seduction star days sim date – find an out of this world lover in this romantic dating game for girls!

you free s personals dating can even go several times on a dating girls for free date until you are officially with someone.