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As a presbyter in the West Texas District I used Duane as a fill-in preacher many times – and never received a complaint. The ministry Duane and Janet are now fulfilling is incredibly important to the Body of Christ.

This is so much more than the “rides” we went on when I was their pastor and those that many pastors take with the motorcycle riding members of their churches.

This is a ministry to a distinct demographic group in America which includes several subgroups including many veterans.

Personally, I feel safer traveling just knowing there are people like Duane and Janet ministering to those who are part of the motorcycle gangs in our country.

He had come up with a core set of doctrines and when Al showed him the sixteen fundamental truths of the A/G he was amazed that there was a denomination that had his beliefs. We have had them here at our church and they were a blessing to us. He and his wife both helped us reach out to the bikers here in our area during “Bike Week” at Myrtle Beach.