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The producer is a piece of shit for his role in telling her to keep her mouth shut, that is why, I think he was in on it also. Are you female at least cause women tend to be suspicious when they feel not safe with a guy.

If you're a gurl, dating a guy you barely know, goes to some other guy house and the guy announce he wants a threesome, feel super uneasy, then goes to his guest room to fall asleep after few mintes despite your fear and the fact that you must leave few minutes after, then yeah it's fishy.

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In case you wonder what happened between Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford, than you can relax you did not miss anything important, because nothing really happen.

Again some rumors say that Chace and Taylor Momsen were spotted kissing at one of the GG parties, though Chace denies any romantic activity between him and Taylor.

A girl who fears a guy doesn't simply fall asleep in his house, sorry to doubt her story.

I have a HUGE problem with her story if she won't name the "producer" involved.

Right now, a Facebook statement (true or not) can destroy someone’s life and reputation.