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Shit was literally, yes literally, sprayed on all walls and ceiling. There was no way i could clean it all up, I needed a janitor.

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For the next hour, I sat in the emergency room waiting area receiving uncomfortable stares as the phone in my ass rung and vibrated, All the while my flatmate laughing hysterically and telling me I'd better answer it as it could be important. EDIT: I am male :(EDIT2: This story is fake, and It's hilarious you all believe it when I didn't provide a shred of evidence. I had racoon-like eyes, my stomach would jump or flutter by itself, I had cramps, etc. I ran to the nearest bathroom, gown open in the back, and tried to make it to the toilet.

My story: When I was 13 a doctor wrote me an adult dose for a certain medicine based on my weight. Our body does not work that way and the medicine ended up constipating me..a month. I didn't My ass was hovering at a 45 degree angle above the toilet when the geyser burst.

Both of them were fully aware of it, but both were too embarrassed to wake me up.

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A janitor was only a few rooms down for some reason so I saw him go by to clean it, but he did not know who i was, he got to the bathroom and the whole ER heard, "Oh Hell no, I ain't cleaning this up. In Korea the toilets in more rural areas rarely have toilet paper.