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) That was a big surprise for me, found it out from one of those video game online comics, and it will make me pay more attention from now on.

The game is fun, it keeps you on track, without much of a major storyline (something I wish could be added).

Laughlin / Dword Soulforge / Dibble Rootweaver / Generic Racial Dark Elf / Generic Racial Troll / Generic Racial Ogre / Generic Racial Human / Generic Racial Kerra / Generic Racial Barbarian / Generic Racial Half Elf / Generic Racial Erudite / Generic Racial Gnome / Generic Racial Iksar / Generic Racial Ratonga (voice) Generic Male Barbarian Merchant / Generic Male Dark Elf / Generic Male Dwarf / Generic Male Erudite Merchant / Generic Male Gnome Merchant / Generic Male Half Elf Guard / Generic Male Halfling / Generic Male High Elf / Generic Male Human Merchant / Generic Male Iksar Merchant / Generic Male Kerran Merchant / Generic Male Ogre Guard / Generic Male Ratonga Merchant / Generic Male Troll Merchant / Generic Male Wood Elf (voice) (as Bill Hootkins) Dismal Rage / Convert Y'Ral / Apprentice Wubbyton / Knight Captain Antillin / Vargon / Bartender Bendl Fizztuzzle / Brother Garvis / Ambassador Zozor / Sergeant Tillin / Derreg Banning / Ambassador Sandor (voice) Duke Ferrin / Korong Shatterjaw / Bargiss Ranlor / Priest Kelian / Delacar Mithanson / Cargomaster Libertius / Stalker Granis / Kren Rfay / Dindaek Everhot / Edwyn Arcanum / Scribe Jabir / Lusius Ulixes / Caius Callidus / Mallius Otho / Kualdin Swoonsong / Tilzak N'Lim / Verin Ithelz / Lt.

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Mages, use powerful spells and buffs to help allies and damage enemies.

Fighters, use speed or simply are there to take the damage.

Day 1 Kathmandu airport arrival, transfer to hotel. 5,600m-4,970m ( Acclimatization climb to 5,600m) Day 12 Island Peak High 5,600m Acclimatization climb to 5,600m Day 13 High Camp Attack Summit and back to Island B. High mountain stoves (gas) and cutlery Communication (radio) in base camp (12 volt) Walkie talkies (9 volt), 1 per 2 participants Satellite phone, (Member have to pay as per their usages) Solar equipment with light in the group tent Electricity in BC to charge electrical appliances (only limited!

Day 2 Preparation of personal climbing gears (Kathmandu). Day 4 Expedition preparation and follow up for permit, Expedition briefing.

Rockbelly / Sneed Galliway / Wesaelan Brookshadow / Generic Male Wood Elf Merchant / Generic Male Ogre Merchant / Generic Male Gnome Merchant / Generic Male High Elf Merchant / Generic Male Ogre / Generic Zombie Enemy / Generic Troll Enemy / Generic Living Statue Enemy / Generic Troglodyte Enemy / Generic Boarfiend Enemy (voice) Varski / Captain Vulin / Geologist Fribden / Janitor Zolbuk / Turgen Bremhurst / Knight Grel Stoneshearer / Gregor Mc Donnal / Miner Carefree / Archeologist Elurad / Orc Cartographer / Banker T'Val (voice) This game is the best, and what makes it better is that...