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In the manga, Menchi gains an apparent ally in Elgâla, who nevertheless views her as an emergency food supply.

Several anime and manga plots, notably episodes ten and nineteen, revolve to some extent around Menchi, her past, and her quest to escape Excel.

One Daitenzin is Tooru Watanabe, who pins his hopes for a romantic relationship with Hyatt on his position in the civil service but grows despondent as the nature of his employment becomes clear.

Another is Daimaru Sumiyoshi, who is a voice of reason in the Department and is represented as communicating through free-floating text.

That Man is part of the ACROSS Six, the governing body of ACROSS, and longs to use "the power of the Great Will and the devilishness of the woman" to take over the universe.

Referred to once by That Man episode twenty-four, the ACROSS Six were the ruling body of ACROSS.

Excel is the hyperactive protagonist and title character, who approaches her work with abundant determination, but little foresight.