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A lot of the women aren't really serious about meeting someone; they just doing it for an ego boost or they are board and want to do something fun with their friends. Everyone either goes for laughs, to 'get back out there' (practice essentially) or as support for the latter person. I always felt like groups of women would try it; then go have dinner and make fun of some of the guys they talked to. By the end of the second night I was just asking stupid questions like what is your favorite flavor of jelly on a PB&J.

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I wish I had just gone to hang out with the other guys; because they were more interesting to talk to then the women.

Cons If you have no success online dating I don;t think you will have more success here unless you have a cool job/title; (Looks are still king).

12-15 fun dates in one night means there is a very good chance of you finding that special someone.

Come to one of our Liverpool speed dating evenings, and you will be able to see for yourself that four minutes is all it takes.

Unlike other Liverpool speed dating companies, you will be very relaxed during the evening with us, as the bar we use gives you privacy, so you won’t feel like you’re in a goldfish bowl, with people listening in to your conversations.