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The CMC then somehow sneak into Twilight's class as she's giving a lecture on friendship through the ages.

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The CMC teach her all about the Elements of Harmony, and in what I assume is foreshadowing for Cozy Glow's betrayal in the finale, she originally assumes magic is control.

Also, at one point, while at Fluttershy's cottage, she tries to sweep some bird seed under the rug, like Snow White's animal friends.

So Nicole was probably the best choice for this CMC centered episode.

And considering she also helped Mike and Josh with "School Daze", you'd expect this episode to be a guranteed hit.

In the end, I give this episode an E, putting it above "Non-Compete Clause" but below "Fake It 'Til You Make It" which as frustrating as it could be, in the grand scheme of things it's harmless.