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Doctors do many tests without explaining the details to their patients, but those tests don't generally have the legal potential to cause harm as drug testing does. Read more See 1 more doctor answer The doctor will consult with you depending on which state you are in and which state they are licensed to practice. Be aware, however, that the centers for disease control and prevention require reporting for cases of hepatitis, gonorrhea or syphilis. Read more Your question is not entirely clear, as I don't think any of the doctors here want to ask you any questions, but we are glad you would not charge us to do so. Some states (but not California, as far as I know) DO require testing of pregnant women, typically at childbirth. Read more Other professionals with doctorate degrees that are on healthtap include: dentists, oral surgeons, pharmacists, podiatrists, and clinical psychologists. In those cases, your name will be provided to the health department to follow up on treatment for you and any partners. Read more Surely all medical residents have direct interaction with attendings and consultants. If you are asking whether YOU can ask US questions for free, the answer is yes. Com)- which is another browser then jyou can access the healthtap through mozilla instead of the internet explorer. Read more Telemedicine utilizes photo and video equipment as well as some robots helping the doctor to examine the patient at distance.

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