Gary lightbody dating 2016

"I was caught in a really quite devastating storm in Glasgow one night, and I was pretty terrified - 150-mile-an-hour winds, trees falling down.

But we went outside the house, and it was also just thrilling.

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I think the songs reach out as far as they do because people identify with it."British critics have, for the most part, not been kind, branding them Coldplay-lite (which, given that Coldplay themselves are often portrayed as Radiohead-lite, is a particularly dismissive insult), purveyors of safe, soft, coffee-table rock.

It has been hard on Lightbody, an obsessive music fan.

Yet the songs themselves are almost unsophisticated in their basic form (which is perhaps what makes them so damn catchy), mainly constructed around repetitive chord patterns and two- or three-note riffs, with melodies that draw on keening Celtic blues modulations, lending a gentle intensity to Lightbody's poetic, introspective lyrics."My songwriting is very simplistic," says Lightbody.

"What we do is melody and honesty, that is the core.

So it is a love record, celebrating a relationship rather than doing some kind of morbid autopsy. It's not doe-eyed or syrupy; it's a very real record about love in our time."Lightbody's introspective oeuvre seems to have opened up with this album, infused with a new-found obsession with science (the album title alludes to our insignificance in the universe).