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If you were dating someone and they seemed like "the one" how long would you wait before popping the question, or if you would prefer to be asked, how long would you want them to wait? There are ridiculous minimums, like you've been on one date and you want to marry the guy (run), but I don't see why you have to wait 2 years. They met and married within a week, and over 20 years later they are still very much in love. My own parents were together, on and off, for around 6 years before tying the knot and their marriage was nowhere near harmonious.

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Weeks before he proposed, we agreed we would get engaged. Then, one day on vacation, he said he wanted to take a walk and, details redacted, we got engaged. " and from my very own father: "Fuck." Still, we got engaged and will be married…soonish. After that, it's really just love, mushiness, and everything I never thought I wanted.

As our trip approached, he voiced nervousness about the proposal to which I replied, "You've totally got this in the bag." The absence of surprise is not to say I didn't want the ritual of engagement to be completely discarded. This is the only relationship advice I think I can give: Pray for the haters then keep doing what you're doing. *In all honesty, when I moved to the south I joked, "I'm going to find a husband, get fat, and pop out a few kids," and lo and behold I accomplished one (maaaaybe two) of those things.

We saw each other every day and one night I asked him, "Are you my boyfriend? I felt a comfort and happiness that I'd never known before. I won't get into the specifics of my relationship because I know what it's like to read something and compare my love to someone else's projection of theirs.

One that didn't require me to remain cold and detached. That's silly and stupid and everybody is different. We had a vacation planned to his hometown, where he was planning on relocating in a few months.

It was a feeling that welcomed me inside to sit, have some coffee and stay awhile. I was to meet his family and see where he came from.