Guide editing and updating the new updater exe

Within the distribution tarball, or within the files checked out/exported from Git, there are a number of files with capitalized filenames, one of which contains the RELEASE-NOTES (wiki).

Now's the time to open it up and find out what's been changed in this release.

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Extensions that are not adapted should use the old way of installing them. New variables may be added in newer versions, or some existing variables changed their type.

Refer to the installation instructions on the extension's page for more information. We usually try to use sane defaults for them, and in case of type change, be backwards compatible.

For performance reasons, some actions in the database are delayed, and are managed by the job queue.

Those jobs are stored in database and contain parameters with information about actions it should perform.

If the local PC you are working on runs Microsoft Windows, you will need a tool like Pu TTY to use SSH.