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Hiking loops work wonders; on that trip, I completed an eight-mile circle and linked up with Jessie after she’d gone less than one and a half. I hung back for a bit, lovesick and even a little envious, watching Jessie stumble onto gold mines of her own fascinations.

She’d just moved to Beijing with me, and Thailand marked her first time birding in Old World tropics.

I do this mostly by tagging along with Jessie’s lab in the field—or at a bar where they gather after their lab meeting on Fridays.

It’s a strange scene at 5 p.m., a nerdy collection of biologists ordering IPAs at a fratty bar with sticky floors.

Last summer, I spotted Jessie her first pair of American three-toed woodpeckers, this time slightly the ground on a log—a small improvement from the fowl I’d spotted in Borneo.