In itemupdating event

When dealing with event receivers in Share Point custom code, we use the Before Properties and After Properties to get a hash table of properties consisting of string/value pairs that correspond to fields in the SPItem object before and after the event occurred respectively.

For example, if you have an Item Added event on a list and you write code within it to add an item, you can put that code in a Disable Event Receivers() ... When you add a new item, only the Item Adding() event is raised.

However, in cases where Explorer View is used, both the Item Adding() and Item Updating events are raised.

How can we prevent a user from changing a certain column for an item in a list event?

From the list table, you can see if we hook into the Item Updating event, we can compare the current item’s value (properties.

In such cases the Item Updating event always occurs after the Item Adding() event occurs. is there is one list name “Student Marks” and fields has English, Hindi, Telugu, Total, AVG. The total field should be update automatically if I update any of the language marks. The reason for cause of that issue is: Might be your opened solution debugging location is same as others opened solution debugging location.