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Before that, readers could find personals in the back of other newspapers, but many were too racy and were viewed with disdain.

So, when a reputable publication joined in, it added to the credibility.

“When I moved to America, people kept saying to me, ‘I want to meet an English guy.

“I had an idea to place a personal ad and then write a story about who would answer one because you couldn’t see anybody, there were no pictures,” she said.

“It was a little blurb and a phone line where you could record a short message and see who answered.” She said she wrote a relatively boring — not sexy or crazy — personal ad, and when she checked her messages 10 days later, she had more than 700 replies. She decided to arbitrarily listen to every third reply and start accepting dates to see who these guys were.

The unique dating site is designed to connect those who love foreign accents with those who have them.

ILove Your allows singles to upload audio or video of their voice, join groups, and chat with other singles to make lasting international connections. He had an impish dimple, piercing blue eyes, and a mop of blond curly locks.

I wouldn’t accept rides from anybody, and I would pay my way, or offer to, at least,” she said.