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Fanton, Elizabeth Dickey, Linda Reimer, Nancy Stier, Joel Lester, Martin Mueller, Linda Adams, Kathy Kotoun, Janice Hildebrand, Henry Arnhold and Mrs. Lang, Liz Ross, Eugene Lang, Ramon Rodriguez, Strachan Donnelley, Sarah Paley, Julian Studley Includes images of: Fred Hochberg, Beatrice Broadwater, Paul Goldberger, Robert F.

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A courtyard and walkway was created to join these two buildings to 65 West 11th St., which was named the List Building (for donors Vera and Albert List). The course being given in the Thomas Hart Benton Room is "Marshall Stearns Jazz Course", 1955 Dec. Tishman, Sheila Johnson, Betty Smith, Walter Eberstadt, Mrs.

The project, completed in 1957, tripled the size of the original structure. Vera Eberstadt, Jane Ira Bloom, Joel Lester, Robert Mondheim, William Zabel u Culinary Arts, 1984-2001 (Photographers: Björg, C.

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Harcourt Dodds, Dennis Derryck, Elliot Stein, John Beerbower Includes images of: Fred Hochberg, Henry Arnhold, Michael Gellert, Philip Scaturro, Joseph Porrino, Bob Kerrey, Sarah Paley, Mr. Lang, Walter Eberstadt, William Havemeyer, William De Wind, Malcolm Smith, Bevis Longstreth, Richard Sachs, Ann Louise Shapiro, Dorothy Hirshon, Greggory Spence, James Murtha, John L. Robert Mundheim, Greggory Spence, James Murtha, Arthur Penn, Bob Kerrey, Richard Bernstein, Michael Johnston, Eugene Lang, Eileen Naughton, Michael Froman, Jonathan Veitch Includes images of: Robert F.