Is hunter hayes dating anyone

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Despite the fact that he's been tied to everyone from Selena Gomez to Taylor Swift — two gorgeous gals he'd be lucky to date — Hunter insists that he's single. First, let's tackle those pesky Selena Gomez dating rumors.

I have no idea how nobody has snatched him up yet (because seriously, have you seen how adorable he is? He's the kind of guy who can write chart-topping love songs while he waits for the right one to come along. They're flattering, Hunter says, but he swears there's no truth to them. "I kinda felt bad for Selena 'cause we did meet and she was awesome, but we literally just shook hands and said hello," Hayes explained to CMT Radio Live.

Louisiana native Hunter Hayes recently shared how he and his beautiful girlfriend, Libby Barnes, maintain a thriving relationship.

Despite a busy schedule, the 25-year-old thanks communication for the pair’s success.

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