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Its accompanying Lawrence of Arabia-inspired music video was played in theaters across the world as a prologue to the film Clueless.

Her third studio album, Head over Heels (1995), retained both pop and R&B elements and saw moderate commercial success, peaking at number 18 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States and later becoming her lowest-selling release.

The lead single from Head over Heels, "My Love Is for Real", featured a fusion of R&B and traditional Middle Eastern instruments, and was performed with Yemeni-Israeli singer Ofra Haza.

She was nice he was cruel, though granted he is a good judge.

I don't remember after which season it was after but I think it was like after the second or third that she was there that they just started liking each other.

This was all while she first started being a judge on American Idol.