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Hydrogen storage is the biggest technical challenge that we have to overcome if we want to be driving hydrogen fueled cars.

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But at 5000psi, we don’t meet that 300 mile range that the D. E is targeting, and so the solution is to use higher pressures.

Right now there’s work going towards 10000psi compressed hydrogen gas tanks, which is progressing very nicely and will get us up to the 300 mile range, and it’ll reach the 6 wt% hydrogen requirement, but there are extra costs associated with the materials that are needed to get up to those pressures and the fabrication methods don’t seem to be very flexible so meeting the cost target is the big issue.

An extra 50 cents doesn’t sound that bad, but it would be about 25% of the cost of filling up with hydrogen, which is targeted to cost $1.5/kg.

A lot of people are also concerned of having compressed gas cylinders in their cars though, because they think that if they get into an accident, then having 5000psi or 10000psi gas cylinders would be just like having a rocket in their car, if the gas cylinder ruptures, then there is trouble.

The overall goal is to allow vehicles to travel for 300 miles without refueling.