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The circulation practically doubled in just one day on 1st December 1930, due to the reduction in price from two pence to one penny.The newspaper also gained the 100,000 readers of the Morning Post, when the newspapers merged in 1937.On the death of Viscount Camrose in 1954, his younger son, Michael Berry, became Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Telegraph.

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Levy re-launched the paper on 17th September 1855, appointing his son Edward Levy-Lawson and Thornton Leigh Hunt as Editors-in-Chief.

The price of the newspaper was reduced to one penny.

This is what makes an original Daily Telegraph such an interesting gift for any occasion, with our Daily Telegraph archives dating back to 1900.

A Daily Telegraph newspaper allows the recipient to ponder over the reports and coverage from a bygone age, giving them the gift of nostalgia.

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    The Basin and Range is characterized by a roughly linear pattern of north-northwest trending ranges and intervening alluvial valleys, resulting from range-front normal faults and with internal drainage.

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    After independence, significant steps have been taken to develop the rural parts of the state.

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    Following a brief settling-in period, the host starts the second round of meetings.

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