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Of course a child needs the influence of both parents in their life.However, there is no reason to doubt that in the circumstances where that may not be entirely possible, the dad would not cope with providing the right levels of care.

In the case of single fathers who have custody of the child, they may request child support payments from the mother.

However, with the pressures circulating around men to provide, it can feel more overwhelming and discriminatory for a man to expect the mother to pay him child support – although the law is clear.

There are fathers standing up and speaking out across the globe about these types of issues and the laws that were created many decades if not centuries ago.

Many are dated, stereotypical and do not represent the best and equal interests of child and both parents.

The pressures are the same but with less help, advice and awareness available, it may not be as easy for single fathers to obtain support with fears of failing & judgement at the forefront of their minds.